UltraSlim™ Ultrasonic Cellulite Remover

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Learn More How to Get Rid of Cellulite and Tighten Skin In the Video

Does Ultrasonic Cavitation Really Reduce Cellulite?


Now if there was one thing you could do to get rid of cellulite, it would be to increase the body’s production of collagen and elastin. It is the collagen that provides the strength that holds the connective tissue together. As you age, the body’s production of collagen reduces. This in turn means that the connective tissue becomes weakened. As it weakens, fat cells under the skin can then start to bulge through the connective tissue matrix. It is this that gives this the cellulite appearance. The remedy therefore, is to produce collagen, and the cellulite issue will go away.

So the biological process your body works out when using a high quality combined ultrasonic cavitation (UC) and radio frequency (RF) skin tightening machine is the following: -

  • Break down of fat cells (UC)
  • Aids the removal of fat from the body (UC)
  • Toning and tightening of the body area (UC)
  • Heat deep fat cells & tissue (RF)
  • Stimulate collagen production to increase the strength of your skins connective tissue (RF)
  • Increase the elasticity of the skin to provide a tight beautiful cellulite free appearance (RF)

The regular use of this technology provides an environment that actually stimulates the production of collagen. This is a huge advancement for the treatment of cellulite.

Is This Technology Dangerous?

Ultrasonic Cavitation and radio frequency skin tightening or all sounds rather scary, but it is completely safe and nothing to be concerned about.

Basically, ultrasonic cavitation transmits ultrasonic waves that penetrate to the fat cells of your body. The frequency of the ultrasonic at 40Khz is totally safe. We are surrounded by ultrasonic all the time in life. A couple of products that use ultrasonic are dog whistles and medical ultra sound devices that send in ultrasonic waves to monitor a baby in the mother’s womb.

So in conclusion, there is no risk of danger in any way whatsoever with using this technology.

How To Carry Out A DIY Ultrasonic Cavitation Therapy Session

As the sessions take around 20 minutes per body part, you might find it easier to do your tummy one day, and your legs the next day, and your buttocks the next day and so on. This means that you can have a daily routine that doesn’t take too long. Remember, you should wait at least 72 hours between sessions on the same area, so doing it this way makes most sense.


The best way to use both the Ultrasonic Cavitation and the Radio Frequency Skin Tightening heads are for you to lie on your back on your bed. First of all thought, it is a good idea to lay a towel on your bed. Lying on a towel will help keep your bed sheets dry from any cavitation gel residue that you need to apply to the skin you are treating with the cavitation head. Apply the cavitation gel to your tummy and gently spread over the entire surface area you are going to treat. Switch the unit on and apply the head so that the large head end sits flat on your tummy. Slowly, in a circling motion glide the head over all the tummy area, going from either left to right or right to left, and then repeat the process for about 20 minutes

Thighs, Inner Thighs, Front & Back Of Legs

Whilst still lying on the bed, apply cavitation gel to one of your legs to your inner & outer thighs and your front and rear of your leg. Start working on the back of your leg first. Lie on your back and raise your leg so that your leg is at right angles with your body. Hold your knee with one of your hands and apply the cavitation head like you did on your tummy in a circling motion, going up and down the back of your leg. At the same time, use apply the head to your inner thigh of that leg. After 10 – 15 minutes, whilst your knee is still perpendicular to your body, start working on your outer thigh, and the front of your leg for another 10 – 15 minutes.

When you have completed your session for your first leg, do the exact same process and steps for your other leg.


The easiest way to carry out this process on your buttocks, is to do it standing up. Apply the cavitation gel to both buttocks and carry out the same motion with the cavitation head as you have done in the previous steps. Do this for about 20 minutes.


To work on your arms, you will find it easiest to do it sitting upright on a chair. Apply the gel as you did previously. Do one arm at a time. Only apply the gel to the area you are treating. You will find it easiest to clasp the back of your neck with your hand, and then this way, you will be able to most of the area of your upper arm. For reaching the outer part of your upper arm, you might find it easiest to clasp the side of your left waist (if you are working on your right arm). Do this process for around 15 – 20 minutes for each arm.

How To Carry Out A DIY Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Therapy Session

When you have completed the Cavitation therapy, you should first rinse or shower off the residue gel prior to commencing the radio frequency skin tightening session. Make sure that you are completely dry prior to commencing your radio therapy session. Work on the area of the body that you have just been working on with the ultrasonic cavitation head, and carry out a further 20 minute session on that particular body area.

The best positions to take are the same as with the first treatment: -

  • Lay on your back to work on your tummy, legs and thighs
  • Stand up to work on your buttocks
  • Sit on a chair upright to work on your arms

DIY Anti-Aging Therapy

Using the head on your neck and face will provide a gentle tightening of your skin, which helps to smooth out lines and wrinkles. Obviously, it can’t get rid of deep lines and wrinkles, but lesser lines and wrinkles, it works well on, so from a “get rid of cellulite” and anti-aging device, this particular unit is top of my list.

Does It Really Work

Before and after pictures are really the only way you can see the significant change that this unit provides. Take a look at this image above. You can see before and after. The after shows results achieved after a few sessions of using the unit. You can see that the after result has smoothed the skin caused by the cellulite in the before picture, and the skin now appears to be much firmer, toned with a tightness that looks very sexy.